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When you take your first smell of our coffee, your nostrils will fill with the sweet scent of well roasted beans; beans that were ground immediately after roasting, left for a few days to oxygenate in order to unlock their subtle aromas and to let the coffee oils properly age, and then packaged. Continue on to your first sip and you can taste the noble difference that Arabica beans make; a full bodied taste with a very smooth finish. It is, quite frankly, exquisite. It is so good that our coffee is officially licensed by the National Basketball Association, a coveted acknowledgment to our coffee's excellence.

Many people and coffee establishments have made the switch to our coffee after they tried it. Word of mouth has carried us a long way. When our Master Blender first founded Top Shelf Coffee and was embarking on his new journey as a salesman, in the middle of one of his sales pitches, his potential new customer abruptly interrupted him and said “Don’t tell me, show me!” He immediately brewed a pot of coffee and all it took was one sip of our coffee to land the account. We could sit here for hours and tell you how amazing our coffee is, how when brewing our coffee the delicious smell will fill the entire room, how smoothly it goes down your throat, how it doesn’t give you heart burn, and how no other coffee on the market can compare to our secret Colombian Supremo Blend. But we’d rather have you try it. Give us a chance to prove to you that our coffee is the best coffee you’ll ever drink. We promise you with our honor and integrity and 20 years of experience in the quest for coffee perfection, you won't be disappointed.

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