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We started 20 years ago with nothing but an old roaster, small grinder, leaky roof and a wallet full of dreams. What we had that wasn't old or small was our coffee. It was big on quality and unique in its taste. From day one we roasted only the best obtainable Arabica beans, never mixing in inferior quality beans to keep our costs low.

But just like a heap of new bricks and roofing shingles don't make a great looking house, the best beans on the market don't necessarily make excellent coffee. Our secret is our Colombian Supremo blend, or what our Master Blender and founder of Top Shelf Coffee so proudly calls "Grandma's Secret Family Recipe". We spent countless smoky days roasting and brewing and then roasting again until we got it just right.

Now we invite you to treat yourself with the very essence of our company, a pinnacle of 20 years of experience in finding the best beans and transmuting them into excellent coffee. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; our coffee is worth a thousand delicious sips and you will still be craving more.

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